The overview of some current projects

BitQuery - GitHub API driven and D3 based search engine for open source repositories
BitQuery: CRAN Edition - visual exploration of the R universe, a massive collection of all R packages on GitHub including CRAN and Bioconductor
BitQuery: Special Edition - visual data mining of 4 different metadata types: YAML, DCF, JSON, Markdown
BitQuery: GitHub Edition - interactive visual knowledge discovery of top GitHub organizations
D3-3D Visual Data Mining
CRAN Mining
taskviewsVA R package - Visual analytics for CRAN task views
GitHub Mining
rgithubS R package - GitHub API bindings for R: search, statistics, parsers
Risk Analytics
RiskAnalytics R package - processing of finance data and parallelized quantile lasso regression methods
Text mining
TManalyzer R package - IR tools in 3 text mining models: BVSM, GVSM(TT) and LSA
yamldebugger R package - YAML parser debugger according to the QuantNet style guide